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Investment rating

Municipalities ranking

Reflects the state of the investment climate in the municipalities of the Orenburg region.

This is an analysis of the municipal regulatory framework and the experience of introducing best practices, an assessment of the actions of local governments to ensure a favorable investment climate and a competitive environment.

3rd place
1 place
2nd place
5 areas of assessment
22 indicator
41 municipality

National rating

Assesses the efforts of regional authorities to create a favorable business environment and identifies best practices. The rating results stimulate competition for investment between regions.

The rating operator is the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Orenburg region is leading in terms of:
Assessment of the activities of the authorities in issuing building permits
Evaluation of the efficiency of connection to power grids
Assessment of real estate necessary for running a business
Average time to register property rights - 8.19 days
Assessment of the procedures for obtaining rental space provided by the region to small businesses
4 evaluation directions
44 indicator
400 thous. respondents

Business Benefits

  • Quality of management

    The region is headed by a strong management team, one of the goals of which is to increase the investment attractiveness of the region. The government of the Orenburg region is interested in a quick start of each investment project, therefore it works as a single "project team" with the investor. The most comfortable conditions are created for business, key projects are personally considered by the head of the region.

  • alternative energy

    Orenburg Region is the capital of solar energy in Russia: there are already operating in the region

    12 solar power plants with a total capacity of 260 MW. Partners in the development of "green" energy - PJSC "T Plus" and the company "Hevel". In 2019, the Governor of the region Denis Pasler signed a cooperation agreement with the Wind Energy Development Fund, which provides for the construction of wind farms in 2021 - 2023 with a total capacity of up to 200 MW.

  • Forge of personnel

    In the universities of the region, personnel are trained in 35 areas, 113 specialties and

    58 professions. The main ones are agriculture, economics and management, aviation and rocket and space technology, energy, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and metalworking. With the support of the regional government, scientists of all levels annually implement about 150 research projects.

  • Agrarian sphere

    There are more than 10.5 million hectares of agricultural land in the Orenburg region, including 6.1 million hectares of arable land and 4.4 million hectares of pastures and hayfields.
    The sown area exceeds 4.4 million hectares and ranks second in Russia in terms of their volume.
    The gross harvest in 2019 amounted to 2.1 million tons of grain crops and 1.2 million tons of sunflower.
    In cereals, wheat prevails, the harvest of which is more than 1.2 million tons, barley - more than 400 thousand tons, rye - 120 thousand tons. The harvest of corn, oats, millet and legumes is about 315 thousand tons.

  • Natural resources

    In terms of natural resources, the volume of explored reserves and the extraction of minerals, the Orenburg region is among the leading regions of Russia. The value of the natural resources of the Orenburg region, according to the reference book "Geological Service of Russia", reaches 500 billion dollars. The fields are located in an area provided with a skilled labor force, with a developed power grid and transport communications.

  • Logistics and transport

    The Orenburg region is Russia's gateway to Asia: the international transport route "New Silk Road" runs through the region, connecting Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia with the European part of Russia. To the north of the region stretches the most important Trans-Siberian Railway, to the south - through Northern and Central Kazakhstan - the Central Siberian.

Economy of the region

Gross regional product
trillion ₽
Foreign trade turnover
billion $
Fixed capital investments
billion rubles
Companies with foreign capital operating in the region
Gross regional product / RUB billion
Structure of foreign trade turnover / billion $
Third place in Russia in terms of arable land
million hectares
Grain harvesting per year
million tons
1st place in Russia in the collection of durum wheat
thousand tons
Livestock population
thousand heads
Agricultural production / billion rubles
Contribution of various categories of agricultural producers / billion rubles
Mineral resources explored
Mineral resources are extracted
Annual oil production
million tons
Annual gas production
billion m3
Mineral extraction volume / RUB billion
Structure of the volume of production of minerals / billion rubles
Specialists with higher education in the region
thousand people
Specialists with higher education are graduated annually
thousand people
Annual volume of innovative products, works, services
billion rubles
Annual cost of technological innovation
billion rubles
Volume of innovative goods and costs of technological innovation / billion rubles
Industries with the highest expenditures on technological innovation / billion rubles
Population of the region
thousand people
Labor force
million people
Higher or secondary vocational education has
thousand people
Registered unemployment rate
smaller 4%
Dynamics of the average monthly wage / ₽
Structure of qualified specialists by educational level / person
John Deer: production of equipment for agriculture; the second stage of the plant.
billion rubles
Cremonini Group (Orenbeef):
beef production
billion rubles
Knauf (Volma-Orenburg):
production of building mixtures.
billion rubles
NMGK Group:
production of vegetable oils.
billion rubles
Dynamics of foreign investments in fixed assets / billion rubles


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