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More than 100 thousand hectares of spring crops sown in Asekeyevsky district

09.06.2020 News
In the fields of the region, spring sowing was completed. Only 106 thousand hectares of spring crops were sown, of which 67 thousand hectares of spring grain crops were sown, 104.5% to the plan, of which wheat - 39.3 thousand hectares, barley - 15.6 thousand hectares, oats - 3.3 thousand .ha, corn for grain - 3.0 thousand hectares, buckwheat - 1.2 thousand hectares and legumes - 4.0 thousand hectares, of which chickpea - 1.9 thousand hectares; industrial crops total 29.3 thousand hectares, of which sunflower - 26.8 thousand hectares; fodder crops also occupied 9.7 thousand hectares, including annual grasses - 2.6 thousand hectares, corn for silage - 2.2 thousand hectares. Such rare crops as lentils, mustard, flax are sown in the region. Preserved winter grain crops sown in 2019 for the harvest of 2020 - 24539 hectares, of which winter wheat 21089 hectares, 3450 hectares of winter rye.

The treatment of vapors was carried out for the first and second time on an area of 23.1 thousand hectares, for the third time 10.3 thousand hectares.

In the agricultural enterprises of the region, preparatory work is underway for the preparation of roughage.

The head and specialists of the Department of Agriculture make field visits. The purpose of the visits is consulting assistance, direct communication with workers engaged in the production of crop and livestock products, control of the availability of fuels and lubricants and checking the readiness of agricultural equipment to perform all types of field work.

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