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Residents of the Orenburg region will be able to receive personal digital certificates

21.10.2020 News

Today, October 15, within the framework of the federal project "Personnel for the digital economy" of the national project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", the issuance of personal digital certificates began. In 2020, 33,000 Russians from 48 regions of the country will be able to take free training in courses in programming, digital marketing, big data, marketing and other competencies of the digital economy. Orenburg region is one of them.

You can apply for a certificate on the website digitalcertificat.rf. It can be obtained by adult citizens of Russia who have not reached retirement age, with completed higher or secondary vocational education. Holders of personal digital certificates must also have permanent or temporary registration in a participant subject approved by the working group of the autonomous non-profit organization Digital Economy.

Training takes place entirely in a distance format. Upon completion, students will receive an official certificate of professional development. Thanks to personal digital certificates, residents of Russia can get additional professional education for free in one of 22 cross-cutting areas, such as: artificial intelligence, programming and creation of IT products, industrial design and 3D modeling, cybersecurity and data protection, digital marketing, digital design and others.

The digital economy is not only about programming, it is about a changing world in which all professions are becoming digital: from a teacher to a turner, from an architect to a psychologist, ”notes Oleg Podolsky, Managing Director of the Human Resources Competence Center for the Digital Economy at 2035 University.

– Этот год продемонстрировал нам важность цифровых технологий практически во всех сферах жизни. Такой бурный рост «цифры» требует квалифицированных специалистов, в том числе и из тех, кто сейчас хочет сменить сферу деятельности или найти работу. Министерство цифрового развития Оренбургской области приложило все возможные усилия и ресурсы, чтобы жители региона тоже получили возможность обучения с использованием цифрового сертификата, – отметил министр цифрового развития и связи Оренбургской области Денис Толпейкин.

Registration of certificate recipients takes place on the platform of the project operator "University 2035". Educational courses of up to 72 academic hours will be available for approved users to choose from. Recipients of personal digital certificates will study on the platforms of educational program providers: Netology, Quantorium, Sberbank Corporate University, Innopolis University, the NTI Educational Competence Center, as well as a number of Russian universities.

According to the plans of the national project "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation", the project of personal digital certificates will last until 2024.

In 2019, the program was held in a pilot format, 5000 residents of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Tula and Rostov regions, as well as the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) received certificates.

Orenburg residents can ask additional questions by phone:
+7 (3532) 48-04-71 Anastasia Valerievna Kremneva, Marina Alexandrovna Lisachenko.

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