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In the Orenburg region, a private fish farm was connected to the electrical network

25.09.2020 News

The Orenburg production department of the Rosseti Volga branch, Orenburgenergo, has connected a private fish farm in the village of Kamennoozernoye to the electrical network.

The head of the peasant farm has applied for the connection of his facilities, has drawn up an agreement for technological connection through the customer service center.

To ensure a reliable power supply for the fish farm, a specialized team of the Orenburg production department built a new 10 kilovolt line with a length of about 3 kilometers and installed a 63 kilovolt-ampere transformer station.

- The work was carried out in accordance with the request: they built a line to my site, quickly, on time, - Igor Stukolov, head of the peasant farm, shared his impressions. - If there were any questions, I called by phone, which is specified in the contract. The specialists were in touch, explained clearly and to the point.

To connect to the power grid, applicants need to submit an application, conclude an agreement for technological connection and perform some of the activities at their facility.

- This procedure is universal for everyone, regardless of whether a cellular facility is connected to the network, a private house, an animal nursery or a peasant farm. Consultations on any issue related to technological connection can be obtained by phone or e-mail, - said Denis Ageev, Deputy Director for Sales of Services of the Orenburg Production Department of the Orenburgenergo branch.

Over the seven months of the year, the Orenburg production department received 798 applications for connecting new facilities in Orenburg and the Orenburg region. Customer service center specialists have drawn up about 451 contracts. In fact, 376 new objects were connected to the power grid, including industrial and agricultural enterprises, construction sites, oil fields, paramedics and midwives, Orthodox churches, kindergartens, residential buildings, trade pavilions.

Today, you can apply for a technological connection, track all the stages of passage and conclude an agreement with an energy sales company through the Unified portal of power grid services or through the mobile application "Rosseti - personal account". Receiving applications remotely will not affect the timing of connecting the facility to the network. The specialists of the Orenburgenergo branch will complete all the planned work on time.

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