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Improvement of the investment climate was discussed in Orenburg

17.03.2020 News

Representatives of government authorities and business structures, social activists and journalists took part in the strategic session held in Orenburg. The meeting was organized by the Regional Development Corporation. How to make the region as comfortable as possible for business? How to attract investors to the region? What needs to be done to secure young promising cadres here? These issues became the main topics of discussion in the framework of discussions and round tables.

Recall that according to the results of the National rating of the state of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Orenburg region still occupies 52nd position, but soon plans to enter the top twenty. To achieve this goal, a special roadmap has been adopted here, developed taking into account the best regional practices. The document includes 152 events. The strategic session became a kind of brainstorming session for collectively solving the most pressing problems.

“It's a paradox, but in a sense we even have too many business support bodies - various departments, projects of initiatives, and so on,” said Vitaly Koyrakh, an Orenburg blogger, PR branding specialist. - They all try to make themselves known, but in the end an ordinary entrepreneur cannot understand where to go with his problem. In my opinion, it would be great to create a single navigator - so that businessmen know that they can turn there with any question.

Marketing specialist Olga Ivanchenko complained that many entrepreneurs do not know about national projects. And the chairman of the Federation of Trade Union Organizations of the Orenburg Region, Yaroslav Chirkov, drew attention to the problem of staff outflow from the region.

“In order to reverse this trend, it is important to create competitive jobs. Another tool is an affordable mortgage: after all, if you invest in housing, you become attached to the region, - the participant of the discussion shared his opinion.

General Director of the Orenburg Region Development Corporation Ignat Petukhov assured that all proposals will be integrated into the roadmap.

“The strategic session was held within the framework of communication between business, government and public organizations,” concluded Ignat Petukhov. - We were solving specific problems facing the region. And the results are already there. For example, development companies complained that they did not have an understanding of where to develop and where the promising niches are. They will be able to get answers to these questions during the event to update the master plans in municipalities. Another problem is the excess of procedures for obtaining permits for property, construction, registration with the tax authorities and Rosreestr. This is due to the discommunication between these structures. And one of our activities provides for the development of a single platform that allows solving these problems in a one-stop-shop mode, and within the framework of those competitive terms that operate in different subjects. So, some regions reduce the time of registration of legal entities to 6 days. And we also set ourselves such a task.

As noted in the Orenburg Region Development Corporation, the roadmap will continue to be supplemented in order to achieve the set goal - to increase the investment attractiveness of the region.

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