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Shchelkovo Agrokhim increases the volume of work in the Orenburg region

20.08.2020 News

Governor of the Orenburg Region Denis Pasler held a working meeting with Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Salis Karakotov. He heads the Shchelkovo Agrokhim company. The company is one of the largest producers of seeds for grain and leguminous crops in Russia. The company has been operating in the Orenburg region for 15 years - since 2005.

One of the directions of development of the agro-industrial complex of the region today is an increase in the winter wedge. This year, out of 2 million tons of threshed grain, 1 million 850 thousand tons are winter grain. In 2020, the sowing area of winter crops has been increased to 900 thousand hectares, and in 2021 it is planned to increase it to 1 million hectares.

- But more important is quality growth: scientific developments should become a tool that will bring productivity indicators to a new level. The indicators that we see today are quite successful. But they can be many times higher due to the use of intensive technologies, the use of varieties with a high productivity index, the latest developments in agricultural science, - emphasized the governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler.

The specialists of Shchelkovo Agrokhim are already working with many farmers in the region: they offer tactics in the fight against pests, help to plan the introduction of drugs, and find expert solutions to questions arising from agronomists.

More than sixty Orenburg farms from Asekeevsky, Buguruslansky, Kurmanayevsky, Kvarkensky, Orenburgsky, Perevolotsky, Matveyevsky, Tyulgansky, Tashlinsky, Ileksky, Buzuluksky, Grachevsky, Novosergievsky and other districts are ready to start cooperation with Shchelkovo Agrokhim.

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