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Over 1.8 million times used the services, products and content of МСП.РФ during the first year of operation

23.03.2023 News

On the SME digital platform МСП.РФ has registered more than 320 thousand users in a year. These are small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed and individuals planning to open their own business. More than 190 thousand are active legal entities and individual entrepreneurs verified through "Public Services", and more than 47 thousand are self–employed. In total, they used the services, products and content of SME.RF over 1.8 million times, of which more than 260 thousand concerned legally significant services: applications for support measures, preferential leasing and credit programs.

– The digital platform is one of the federal projects that make up the national project "Small and Medium–sized Entrepreneurship". The purpose of its creation is to provide every entrepreneur in our country with the opportunity to remotely receive the necessary support measures and have access to special services, regardless of location. One of the priority tasks is to make the digital platform not only a proactive assistant for business, but also the main, effective feedback mechanism for entrepreneurs with the state," said Maxim Reshetnikov, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

During the first year of operation, each user of the Digital Platform used services, as well as various hosted on МСП.РФ products on average 5.6 times.

Today at the МСП.РФ presents over 300 digitized products and services from the regions, for which more than 20 thousand online applications from businesses were received during the year. Currently, work is underway to simplify the procedure for obtaining support in the regions through a Digital platform.

The service "Production cooperation and sales", which unites domestic and foreign suppliers and customers, is in the top of business demand. During the year, more than 2.5 thousand companies received support in the organization of product sales.

At the end of 2022 for МСП.РФ has a service for checking counterparties. It was used by over 15 thousand entrepreneurs. Launched in December, the Digital Entrepreneur Profile further expands the capabilities of small and medium-sized businesses, simplifying both access to services and procedures for obtaining support and services. It was formed by about 3.5 thousand companies.

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The digital platform for small and medium-sized businesses was developed by the SME Corporation together with the Ministry of Economic Development. 4.5 thousand Orenburg residents are registered on it, including 2.5 thousand entrepreneurs of the region.

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