Invest in Orenburg region

Collection of best practices of municipalities of the region

09.11.2020 News

The investment climate of the region is assessed not only by Orenburg, but also by all municipalities (hereinafter - MO) of the region. Each district of the region carries unique natural, technological and management resources, which leads to the formation of a wide variety of approaches and tools in the work to improve the investment climate.

In order to exchange best practices and experience between municipal authorities on creating a business-friendly environment, the Orenburg Region Development Corporation has prepared a collection of practices for developing the investment climate in municipalities of the Orenburg Region.

19 districts and 6 large cities of the Orenburg region sent information on request about the events being held. Examples of one-time events were given, as well as entire campaigns that were launched in 2016 and continue to operate to this day.

The collection contains 2 blocks - Best Practices and Results of the work of the Ministry of Defense in attracting investments.

The Best Practices block is presented in the following areas of activity:

  1. Regulatory activities;
  2. Public events and promotion;
  3. Entrepreneurship support;
  4. Regulatory environment;
  5. Work with the public.

This collection is also timed to the preparation of the Municipal rating of the Orenburg region for 2020.

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