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Affected business exempted from taxes for the second quarter of 2020

15.06.2020 News

Business and non-profit organizations affected by the coronavirus are exempt from taxes for the second quarter of 2020 in accordance with federal law. For insurance premiums for this period, the exemption is implemented in the form of tariff setting at the 0% rate for payments for April - June.

The law refers to the persons who received such a measure of support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individual entrepreneurs employed in the most affected areas of activity. The list will also include the affected non-profit organizations according to the registers that will be formed by the authorized bodies.

A new one will help you understand the rules for writing off taxes and insurance premiums. service "Checking the possibility of exemption from taxes, insurance premiums for reporting periods related to the II quarter of 2020"... It is enough to enter the TIN of the organization or individual entrepreneur and select the applicable tax system. After that, the service will display information about payments for the reporting (tax) periods of the second quarter of 2020, from which the taxpayer is exempt.

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