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The Orenburg Propant company has joined the national project to increase labor productivity

21.03.2023 News

The Orenburg Propant company, the first resident of TASED Novotroitsk, joined the national project "Labor Productivity". Since 2017, the company has been producing products for the intensification of oil recovery and the construction of oil and gas wells. Over the years, 1,400 new jobs have been created, more than 2.5 billion rubles of investments have been invested.

— The entire existing complex of support for Orenburg business, including industry, gives tangible results. We see this in all indicators: the growth of investments, the reduction of unemployment, the increase in the level of income of workers and many other indicators. Many managers of successful enterprises go further – they are involved in the mechanisms of non-financial growth stimulation: they optimize processes, increase labor productivity. The state provides support in solving these important issues," said Denis Pasler, Governor of the Orenburg Region.

"Orenburg Propant" LLC uses all the tools available to residents of TASED – applies a simplified tax regime, reduced rates of insurance premiums. Now the company is entering into a national project to increase labor productivity: lean technologies will be introduced here. This will support the growth of the business: increase efficiency, reach a new level of competitiveness, increase profits.

The national project "Labor Productivity" ensures the formation of a new production culture. In the first three months, the company will conduct a full diagnosis. The Regional Competence Center will analyze the processes, identify hidden reserves, and identify ways to optimize. Then an action plan will be drawn up to achieve the target state.

The implementation of the national project is designed for three years. The active phase with the direct participation of experts from the Regional Competence Center will take place during the first six months. In the near future, RCC specialists together with the company will form a working group, choose a pilot project.

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Orenburg Propant LLC is the thirty–fifth participant of the national project in the Orenburg region. By the end of 2024, under the management of the Regional Competence Center in the Field of Labor Productivity, lean technologies will be implemented at 45 enterprises in the region.

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