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Federal chain companies opened their counters for Orenburg suppliers

06.11.2020 News

Large chain stores in the Orenburg region are preparing counters for displaying more Orenburg-made goods.

Contracts for the supply of products are concluded with the management of the companies, the regional government said. The counters of the federal "networkers" are being replenished with Orenburg-made goods. Flour, fermented milk and fish products, ice cream, cakes, sausages, stew, canned food are already on sale. The buyer can purchase them.

In the near future, five more local producers will have access to sales in large companies. The Saraktash cannery, the Novosergievsky butter plant, the Sorochinsky and Kumaksky meat-packing plants are preparing to join the "network".

This decision became possible thanks to the negotiations between the Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Food and Processing Industry of the Orenburg Region Sergey Balykin with the heads of chain stores present in the region.

Previously, there were problems with retail chains, since commercial proposals for cooperation were considered for a very long time, and the feedback did not work. Direct dialogue helped build partnerships.


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